Elevator Talk Bonus Episode: Niramaya Foods, Nutty Gourmet, Request Bar, FUN Sesames

NOSH: Dec. 2, 2022

On this bonus episode of Elevator Talk, watch the founders of Niramaya Foods, Nutty Gourmet, Request Bar, and FUN Sesames pitch their brands and products.

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Today we spoke with the founder of @FUNSesames about how she is making tahini a staple condiment around the USA. In this chat we also cover how Tal got into her first store and how she is thinking about her industry competition!

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Pivot! | Hosted by Stephanie Redcross West

FUN Sesame is a local, minority and woman-owned business. FUN Sesame creates organic, ready-to-eat tahini dips. Tal Garden created FUN Sesame because she believes that even the simplest of food can be enhanced with the right thing–tahini! Tal joins us to discuss what prompted her to start FUN Sesame. We'll hear about the challenges that come along with being a female founder and how Tal deals with those challenges.

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"What I’ve found in my practice is that most people have a strong desire to eat more thoughtfully, but our busy lives tend to get in the way. We want to listen to our bodies and make conscious choices but often find ourselves making hasty decisions driven by stress and convenience. And how could we not with the ever-growing list of modern-day distractions? The fix: shortcuts. The easier and more enjoyable it is to make thoughtful food choices, the more likely we are to keep making them. So instead of simply aiming to eat healthier, I like to focus on rituals, tips, and ingredients that streamline the process. The less complicated, the better!"

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Tahini on Everything - FUN Sesames

Go Solo | by Team Subkit

"Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in food and beverage but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Tal Garden, Founder, and CEO of FUN Sesames, located in Los Angeles, CA, USA."

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